Manning Construction Vision In Kansas City

Our goal is to help you visualize the final outcome of your project and bring together the resources necessary to bring that vision to life.


We listen carefully to understand your needs, leverage our years of construction experience to formulate and development plan, and then engage our team to turn turn your concept into reality.


Others may see bricks and mortar, but we see a dream come to fruition.

Manning Construction - Providing Safe Construction Management In Kansas City

The safety of everyone involved in your product is of utmost concern to us. We focus on ensuring that everyone involved in the project is focused on delivering results in a safe, effective manner.


From hard hats to soil testing, we want to be sure there are never any concerns with your project delivery.


For us, safety standards aren’t just rules and regulations that we have to abide by, they are a way of doing business.

Manning Construction - Bringing our team and experience to your project

We don’t want you to be satisfied with your project. We want you to be astounded, amazed, and enthralled. You are asking us to help you create a long-lasting monument for your company or organization and we want to help you create something amazing that will stand the test of time.


When we succeed together, we will all be proud of the outcome at the ribbon cutting and…in 50 years.


We can look back together and proudly say “We built that, together”.

We Are Committed To Bringing Higher Standards Of Quality To Every Project.