For decades, our team at Manning Construction Company has worked with our clients to visualize the future and bring it to life. With award-winning projects ranging from churches to schools to office buildings, we understand that we’re not just creating buildings, we’re creating a sense of identity for students, congregations, and employees.


Let us help you create an environment for you and your organization that will make us all proud.

Olathe North High School

Educational Facilities

More than ever, educators are being challenged to deliver a high-quality learning experience, within tighter budgets. Students of today demand safe, accessible schools that offer modern technology solutions. Just as our educators are asked to innovate in their teaching lessons, we seek to innovate with respect to the physical learning environment.


As a leader construction company in Kansas City, we don’t look to create schools for today. We want to build schools for tomorrow. Those that will be recognized as innovative, even 25 or 50 years from now.

AMC Theaters Westbank

Entertainment and Recreation Facilities

We work hard, so your community can play hard! Whether you are looking to build a public park, sports stadium, or ice skating rink, we can help you deliver the entertainment venue that your community desires.


We’re passionate about play and we’d love to help you deliver an environment that allows the your customers, citizens, employees, and families gather together and be entertained.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Religious Facilities

A religious building is more than just a physical edifice. It represents that gathering of a community who shares a common belief. Today’s churches, synagogues, and mosques must provide its members with a safe, accessible place to congregate and worship.


We know how important religious buildings are to the Kansas City community and we’re committed to helping communities of all faiths evaluate the opportunity for a new place of worship and help bring that vision to life.

Olathe City Hall

Government Facilities

Whether it’s a federal, state, county, or municipal building, we can help you bring your government construction project to fruition. We’ll partner with you to collaborate closely with respect to the contract requirements, budget, and project timeline to ensure that the result is an amazing outcome for your community.


At Manning we have deep experience working on government-funded projects and we understand that transparency throughout the process is key to success. Our goal is to keep you – and your community – informed through the duration of the project.

Johnson County Vo-Tech Auditorium

Historical Preservation and Restoration

Preserving the past is just as important to us as building a new future. We recognize that sometimes the best future for an organization is preserving the historic nature of a building, monument, or public space.


Our team can help you evaluate the needs for preserving or restoring the historic structure and then execute the plan to bring it back to its former glory, while implementing modern standards.

Weber Carpet

Industrial Facilities

At Manning, we understand that industrial construction is so much more than floors, ceilings, and walls. Our team can help you visualize exactly how your warehouse, data center, distribution facility, or manufacturing space will actually function – before we pour the first concrete footing.


With the outcome in mind, we’ll partner with you to develop an industrial space that meets your needs while ensuring┬ácompliance with strict safety construction regulations.

Excel Printing Services

Retail & Office Construction

Whether it’s a new construction project or a retro-fit of an existing space, Manning Construction can help your team develop an environment that meets the productivity needs of your organization and your employees.


We’ll work with you to understand how your business works and develop an environment that takes lighting, temperature, and layout into account. We can also incorporate green design concepts into the construction process when appropriate.

Promoting high levels of quality with expertise to deliver projects in a cost-effective and timely manner.